16 MARCH 2023

Advancing into a Modern Epoch


“The future for Goodrich is vibrant and exciting. Together let us chart the path for the next 10 years, elevating spaces with imagination.” Yasushi Furukawa, Group CEO, Goodrich Global.

As Goodrich Global celebrates its 40th year, it’s not merely an anniversary but a stepping stone. This pivotal moment paves the way for the firm to intensify its grip on Southeast Asia, rolling out astute strategies with more agility and efficacy. With an eye on broadening its market share in the region, Goodrich Global stands ready to tap into a fortified managerial structure and robust business framework to spur growth.

Our rejuvenated galleries in Singapore and Thailand, inaugurated in 2021 and 2022, are more than just showrooms. They’ve metamorphosed the realm of interior design and decoration, captivating an audience of elite professionals, architects, real estate moguls, hoteliers, and builders. These evolved spaces echo Goodrich Global’s commitment to holistic product experiences, with people as their essence.

A legacy from 1983, the brand has always championed exploration and personal discovery. As the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped global markets, Goodrich Global’s unwavering focus remained the well-being of its team. Amidst these challenges, the company bolstered its digital engagement through product webinars and digital process enhancements, ensuring seamless remote work arrangements and a consistent customer journey.

Charting the future, Goodrich Global is streamlining its operations by fusing manufacturing and sales. With a bold approach to product development, logistics, and sales infrastructures, the company is transitioning seamlessly from a traditional furnishing brand to a visionary “Space Creation Company”, reflecting its long-term corporate ambitions. This transformation is the catalyst for growth for upcoming generations.

As a “Space Creation Company”, Goodrich Global envisions an enterprise that earns stakeholder trust and enriches society by crafting spaces with masterful visualization. This dynamic ethos empowers customers to transform spaces, gain product insights, and share ideas, culminating in immersive and rich experiences. Behind this customer-centric approach, the firm’s teams collaborate to drive economic progress, mentor the future, nurture talent, foster inclusivity, and bolster community bonds.

Defined by Goodrich Global, a “Space Creation Company” delivers a comprehensive suite of design, execution, and construction services, all backed by strategic visualization. The firm’s growth and continuous refinement of space-related functions, integrated with innovative designs, add value to both designers and end-users. Embracing its role as a “Space Creation Company”, Goodrich Global seeks a dominant stance in the industry’s value chain, creating both economic and societal impact.

In harmony with its goal of fostering an inclusive, sustainable, and innovative world, Goodrich Global, as a “Space Creation Company”, charms its audience with trailblazing concepts and designs. The value it brings to local communities stands testimony to the brand’s profound societal impact.

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