Marking 40 Remarkable Years:

Progressing into the Next Era

“The future for Goodrich is vibrant and exciting. Together let us chart the path for the next 10 years, elevating spaces with imagination.”

Mr Yasushi Furukawa
Group Chief Executive Officer | Goodrich Global

Goodrich Global’s four-decade milestone is momentous. It sharpens the firm’s ambition to solidify its presence in Southeast Asia by deploying sharper, more effective business strategies. Leveraging an enhanced management system and formidable business infrastructure, Goodrich Global aspires to command a larger slice of the Southeast Asian market.

The revamped galleries in Singapore and Thailand are game-changers in transforming the interior design journey, attracting a plethora of design aficionados—ranging from interior designers and architects to property developers and hoteliers—since their 2021 and 2022 unveilings. These rejuvenated spaces encapsulate Goodrich Global’s ethos of prioritizing immersive product experiences and people-centricity.

Fostering exploration and self-discovery has been intrinsic to the brand since 1983. The global market dynamics have undeniably transformed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, Goodrich Global’s utmost priority remains the well-being and security of its workforce. Amidst the turmoil, the company amplified its digital presence, integrating product webinars and digital processes. Harnessing digital tools has empowered remote work flexibility and a seamless customer journey.

Looking ahead, Goodrich Global is fervently enhancing business efficiency, melding manufacturing with sales. The firm’s audacious approach spans product innovation, logistics, and sales infrastructure, propelling the shift from a conventional interior furnishing provider to a visionary “Space Creation Company,” aligning with its long-term vision. This pioneering spirit promises to catalyze growth for future generations.

As a “Space Creation Company,” Goodrich Global’s mission is to be esteemed by stakeholders for transforming spaces with masterful design visualization. This dynamic philosophy delivers tangible value, educates on product potential, and fosters collaborative ideation to conceive spaces that resonate with enriching experiences. Supporting this customer-centric front, their project brigades collaboratively contribute to economic growth, inspire future generations, champion inclusivity, and nurture community spirit.

Goodrich Global’s definition of a “Space Creation Company” encompasses an end-to-end journey—designing, delivering, and constructing purposeful spaces. The firm’s growth in this realm, infused with imaginative concepts, translates to value for both the design industry and end consumers. By realizing its vision as a “Space Creation Company,” Goodrich Global aspires for a more influential stance in the value chain. Beyond mere economic gains, the company is dedicated to creating societal impact, reinforcing its corporate identity.

Aligned with its dream of fostering an inclusive, sustainable, and innovative society, Goodrich Global dazzles its audience with cutting-edge ideas and potent design strategies. This inherent societal worth is evident as Goodrich Global amplifies communal advantages as a “Space Creation Company.”

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