Commitment to Community

Embodying a spirit of community care and stewardship, Goodrich Global goes the extra mile in looking out for its team members and the broader community. Beyond its Singaporean base, Goodrich Global extends its ethos of societal contribution, with particular attention to societal growth, backing the disadvantaged, promoting the Arts, and championing environmental protection. The company’s outreach spans countries like Thailand and Indonesia.

Our CSR Philosophy

Rooted in our corporate belief of becoming a transformative force for good, we at Goodrich Global inspire our team members and associates to dedicate their time for community upliftment. All our CSR initiatives are imbued with the company’s foundational values: Customer Focus, Team Collaboration, Integrity, and the Pursuit of Excellence.



In August 2016, Goodrich Global Indonesia partnered with Lasalle for a design-centric talk show, shedding light on Goodrich’s children-themed collection. We showcased Walltalker, a creative expression tool for children, and highlighted our child-friendly fabric and wallcovering ranges, including brands like Scion & Eijffinger, which comply with fire safety standards.


In a February 2016 engagement, our team from Goodrich Gallery Semarang visited Akademi Teknik PIKA, a specialized institution offering diploma courses in interior design and wood craft engineering. The session was rich in insights, offering students a deeper understanding of wallcoverings and flooring.


Enhancing Spaces for Children in Need

In a heartfelt initiative in December 2013, Goodrich Thailand, in collaboration with Dec Media and other partners, came forward to support The Orphanage Foundation of Thailand. The team transformed a 96-square-meter multi-purpose room into a classroom, providing a conducive learning environment for students.


Football for a Noble Cause

Between 2013 and 2016, Goodrich Global took part in executive football matches, generating funds to support ten charitable organizations. The 5-a-side futsal matches, played with enthusiasm and sportsmanship, drew cheering crowds, making the event both fun and philanthropic.

Supporting AWWA through Golf

From 2003 to 2013, Goodrich Global collaborated with the Asia Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA), a voluntary welfare entity dedicated to empowering the marginalized. Through initiatives like the Goodrich-AWWA Charity Golf Competitions, we raised over $1 million, funds that were channelled into training programs for AWWA caregivers.


In August 2016, Goodrich Global Indonesia participated in a design talk show with Lasalle to share about Goodrich’s kids collection. Here the company shared Walltalker as a presentation tool suitable for kids who love to express their creativity. The Goodrich’s kids collection of fabrics and wallcovering such as Scion & Eijffinger that are certificated for fire retardant were also presented.

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