Goodrich Brand Essence


Walls and floors are the fundamental canvases that capture the spirit of every habitat. At Goodrich Global, we present an unparalleled spectrum of products and services, allowing you to infuse these canvases with your distinct signature. Every offering is fortified with rigorous research, unyielding quality standards, and a splash of creativity, giving life to your spaces. Within these bounds, simply blend Passion and Zeal to craft a haven where you can work, reside, or revel!

In June 2012, Goodrich Global’s brand was appraised by Brand Finance PLC at S$15.4M.

Brand Vision

To envisage Goodrich Global is to envision Innovation, Excellence, and Value. It’s to recognize a firm deeply committed to making its brand resonate with you. Our future trajectory is set towards morphing our brand into an emblematic fusion of art and utility, resonating globally yet championing distinct individuality.

Brand Mission

Our mission is to transmute your aspirations and dreams into tangible reality, utilizing the vast array of products, services, insights, and expertise we possess.

Our Brand's Core

Brand Personality

Brand Values

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