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Sangetsu Goodrich, a subsidiary of Goodrich Global, commands a substantial presence in the global interior furnishing products and services market. Formerly known as Goodrich Global Thailand since its establishment in 2004, it has now transformed into Sangetsu Goodrich Thailand. Guided by a strategic blueprint, both Sangetsu Goodrich Thailand and Sangetsu Goodrich Vietnam are committed to consolidating their stature as premier interior furnishing entities across four essential product categories: wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets, and floorings. Their focus spans both B2B and B2C clientele in the regions of Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar.


Stepping into the limelight, Sangetsu Goodrich Thailand introduces the final, impeccable flourish to any interior space. The enterprise has effectively adorned projects within the commercial, hospitality, healthcare, and education sectors. To comprehensively address the diverse array of customer needs and aspirations, the newly inaugurated Sangetsu Goodrich Gallery is now open daily on Sukhumvit 63 Road (Ekamai). Following a meticulous revamp in 2022, the gallery has been strategically positioned to cater to all conceivable interior furnishing demands. Visitors are treated to an array of over 200 wallcovering exhibits, artistically combined with fabrics for curtains, leather upholstery, carpets, laminate, as well as vinyl flooring. This fresh gallery aspires to become a one-stop hub for interior designers, architects, and homeowners alike, meeting their decorating essentials and providing them with firsthand experiences of the products and their applications through direct engagement with the Sangetsu Goodrich team.


The Sangetsu Goodrich Gallery introduces a meticulously structured approach to interior design. Encompassing a generous expanse of 240 square meters, this refined space now presents an expansive array of over 5,000 SKUs, encompassing premier interior finishes such as top-tier wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets, and floorings. Adorned with a sleek and contemporary atmosphere, the gallery radiates an aura of sophistication while offering an extensive scope for product exploration. This curated design ensures a seamlessly pleasurable journey for customers as they shape their spaces. Orchestrated with precision, the layout and displays are thoughtfully designed to imbue a co-working ambiance that elevates the product experience. This evolution harmonizes with the company’s ethos, fostering personal creative expressions through innovation within the gallery’s expanse.

Meticulously organized floor plans carve out dedicated spaces, fostering dialogues around design concepts and facilitating learning. Upon entry, customers are greeted by a comprehensive panorama of core product colour palettes and designs, which encompass handcrafted wallcoverings, curtain and upholstery fabrics, carpets, and floorings.

Within the wallcovering zone, solitary tables provide patrons the opportunity to peruse sample books and closely scrutinize intricate wall designs. Samples are showcased as expansive panels, facilitating immersive creative visualizations that are indispensable to the interior design process. A designated enclave caters to customers seeking customized wall designs. All wallcovering samples are available for visitors to take home upon request.

In the domain of flooring and carpets, meticulously designed niches and drawers within display fixtures allow each flooring sample to be illuminated individually under optimal lighting. This feature enables patrons to appreciate a multitude of colour palettes, patterns, and textures. Similarly, all samples for wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets, and floorings can be acquired for further examination upon request. In light of its exceptional operations, the Sangetsu Goodrich Gallery emerges as a truly revitalized all-inclusive haven, nurturing the manifestation of their customers’ individual creative expressions. This rebirth accentuates bespoke and handcrafted wallpapers, fabrics, leathers, broadloom carpets, carpet tiles, and vinyl flooring, underscoring the gallery’s newfound significance.



At the Sangetsu Goodrich Gallery, an expansive array of wallpapers and wallcovering collections awaits architects, interior designers, and homeowners alike. This unparalleled collection caters to spaces within the hospitality, commercial, and residential domains. Notably, the gallery boasts Bangkok’s most extensive assortment of wallcoverings, tailored to these diverse sectors.

A standout feature lies in the customization avenue. Clients are granted the extraordinary privilege of crafting their personalized wallcoverings, drawing upon an assortment of finishes that encompass digital printing, embossing, and intricate embroidery. This customization option allows for the creation of wallcoverings that are truly unique, tailored to harmonize with individual living spaces.

Within the wallcovering zone, a pivotal highlight takes the form of a customized wallcovering model. This model serves as a tangible testament to the fusion of digital printing, artistic embossing, and elaborate embroidery, resulting in a visually striking and texturally captivating statement wall. Prospective customers can now bear witness to the meticulous craftsmanship that underpins bespoke wallcoverings, gaining firsthand insight into the intricate processes involved. This experiential showcase effectively facilitates the commissioning of analogous wall designs for personal residences. Furthermore, this cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship extend to the domain of draperies, thereby allowing the same level of customization to be infused into window treatments.


An enclave dedicated to an assortment of curtain fabrics, upholstery fabrics, faux leathers, and cow hides invites customers to immerse themselves in the diverse textures. This curated space serves as a tactile realm where visitors can explore the myriad tactile dimensions, harmonizing these luxurious materials with elements like curtains, cushion covers, sofas, bar stools, and armchairs to create impeccably coordinated ensembles.


Anticipate an expanded presentation of wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets, and floorings all enveloped under the Sangetsu brand. This selection extends to clients a spectrum of creative possibilities, offering a pathway to embody the sought-after Japandi aesthetic. Furthermore, Sangetsu Goodrich unveils The Art of TAKUMI collection, introducing a realm of artisanal wallcoverings. This encompassing compilation features seven key categories: Exquisite Foils, Artist Brush, Opulent Corks, Precious Metal, Refined Grasscloths, Intricate Weaves, and Elegant Woods. Another exceptional offering within the designer interior collection is KAGETOHIKARI. This venture arises from a collaboration with Kuma Kengo, a renowned Japanese Architect. KAGETOHIKARI, synonymous with the interplay of shadow and light, is molded by the allure of shadows, infusing its essence into the collection. The assemblage is categorized into Shara Shara, Mowa Mowa, and Tubu Tubu, entailing a total of seven patterns and twenty-four items for wallpapers, as well as three patterns and twenty-one items for carpets.


Embracing a realm of specialty, the array includes distinguished products such as Reteac, Glass film, Walltalkers, and Wall Protection. These offerings, meticulously curated, cater to the vital embellishments required in conference rooms, meeting spaces, showrooms, as well as institutional and public domains. With a penchant for precision, these solutions flawlessly complement diverse interior contexts, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.


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